atlas_cracked (atlas_cracked) wrote in nonbpd,

me again

first of all, thanks to everyone who made recommendations in my earlier post. i will be going on a book-buying spree shortly. =D

my questions in this post are three-fold.

1. depression vs. BPD: how much of a difference is there? considering that bipolar a "kind" of depression, i imagine not much, but still. mistype. my brain replaced "bipolar" as "borderline." original question of depression vs. borderline personality disorder still stands. she has been "officially diagnosed" as depressed by a therapist, and while i realize i am OBVIOUSLY not a professional, she still has some...behaviour that seems to me to be not just depression. :: shrugs :: but hey, i'm not a professional.

2. has anyone had experiences with Prozac? i understand that withdrawal can be extremely dangerous, and i AM concerned about that. i'm also wondering how effectively it treats the condition. (i know it's an SSRI and all of that jazz, i mean does it make you better as opposed to "better.") she has recently begun cutting again and i am afraid of medication making her even MORE prone to self-harm.

3. how can i help, for lack of a better word. i want to make it clear that i care about her and don't want her to hurt herself, but i don't know how to. when i ask how she's doing and such, my responses sound very robotic and just "out of politeness." (or at least they do to me, but there's no other way i know how to respond.) i ask WHY she feels down or WHAT is making her upset and she just says "i don't know" and then kind of ignores me. is that kind of questioning counterproductive?
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