Cat (ruliverse) wrote in nonbpd,

*sigh* my turn...

Last night at about 9:30 I got a phone call from my friend in RI ~~ on my cell phone cause I'd been checking my e-mail ~~ and I'd gone in my room & closed my door. The cat was scratching at my bedroom door (excuse any dyslexic errors I might have, I'm exhausted & have already caught three of them) so I let her in. I got off the phone at about ten, turned the light off & opened the door a little so that the cat could leave if she wanted to & went to bed. About 10 minutes later my mother comes in the room and wants to know if I'm off the phone & if I'm going to let the cat stay in my room. First off, what right does she have to come into my room late at night and ask this stuff, and second off, if I'm in bed & the cat is sleeping on my bed isn't that kinda obvious?

I asked her about it this morning and she gave me a blank look. then she says, "I can't tell if your light's on when the door's closed." (me, upset) "my door was open!" (her) "Oh....I promise I won't do it again." (me, near tears) "That's what you said last time!"

...currently we're in one of the 'good' time (ie we're kinda getting along, I do as I'm told & no worries) but this kind of thing hurts. She's told me time and again that she's going to respect my privacy, that I'm a mature adult (and tried to kick me out half a dozen times for it, but she never lets me get out the door) etc etc etc and then she does somethig like this...(this is the second time this month she's done it. It's a new thing. I wake up whenever my bedroom door opens so I'm more or less always awake when she gets in). At least there wasn't anything like Easter Sunday or when I was on spring break, but darn it, doesn't she understand that this stuff hurts? She goes on and on about this girl at work (you'd think that girl was her daughter and not me) always telling me how good she is, how pretty, etc. *shakes head* What is it about me that she hates?
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