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Very new to this, but yet...

I've recently been having problems with a friend of mine. We've been friends on and off all through our lives. Just in the last few months many things have been going on in my life and I have been getting counseling. Well, then I started having problems again with my friend, her name is Mary, and it got particularly nasty so I brought it up in one of my sessions. I know it isn't an official diagnosis but the counselor suggested that I read "Walking on Eggshells." And I immediately went out and got it to read.

I am totally amazed at the similarities of her behavior and the way I've been feeling for years. I'm totally shocked that I've been taking it for so long and that she is feeding off it. Today in particular, she is so totally pushing all my buttons and making the biggest scenes. It is embarassing. And not only that, I just want to walk away after telling her to kiss my ass so bad but I know it won't even do any good. What is worse is that some of my other friends are also friends with her and they are all completely convinced that it is all in my head.

It is the biggest frustration of my life. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't. Does anyone here know what this feels like?
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