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hello, i am a non (yes) and one of my friends, i'm 90% sure, has BPD. her family psychiatrist diagnosed her with OCD, but BPD seems to me to fit a lot better. i have a dilemma that i posted about in borderline but it seems to not be generating too much of a response (perhaps because i'm a non =/ ), so i'll post a permalink to the entry for your perusing pleasure. i realize now it's kind of long, but i would really appreciate the input. kinda long, sorry.

in addition to that whatnot, are there any books on BPD you guys could recommend that might lend some more insight to my situation?

also, this is an alternate journal and not my regular one (i feel kind of shifty creating this account specifically for bpd-related things) but said friend also has an LJ and i don't want to run the risk of her catching my solicitations for advice and viewing them as an attack on her (which i perceive as being a likely scenario). if you want to,you can pop on over to cactus_rs to get more info, or just ask in here.

thanks in advance, and apologies for unintended obnoxiousness.

edit: fixed the link. did i leave it broken for so long? hahah oops.
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